• Are people problems taking up a lot of your time?
  • Is poor communication hurting your business?
  • Are your managers coaching well?

Training may be one answer. People problems get in the way of your business being the best it can be. Many leaders have great talent in their functional areas, yet they lack the skills needed to build healthy relationships between themselves and their associates. Changing people is one option for improving the skills of your people. However, leadership coaching and communication training may be a better way to fill the gap between your leaders and others. Our team training programs are another alternative.

Your managers and team leaders are among your most valuable resources. Invest in them by building their coaching, communication and leadership skills.

rf4We offer several programs that build the skills people need to interact well with each other. These programs can help your company succeed by getting people to work better together.

We can help you identify training needs through variety of assessment tools. You may choose to have us facilitate the training or you may prefer to have your own people conduct the training. Either way, we can help.

Just a brief note to let you know that the Concord Workshop with George Alwon surpassed all my expectations. George, as usual, worked his special magic, connected with the Concord folks quickly and coached us all to amazing results.

The folks ended up re-organizing their workflow so it reduced a couple of major bottlenecks. One team wanted to take the whole workload and commit to getting it done early. All the people walked away full of new resolve and enthusiasm. Since then, our group is working as a well-oiled team.
Claudia Day, Distribution Manager, Alcan Cable, Toronto.

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