Help your new teams get off to a good start with these 10 easy-to-use training modules.

We offer a set of ten basic training modules that provide the foundation skills that teams need. They can be delivered by your own internal trainers — a facilitator guide is included. A train-the-trainer workshop is available for those with inexperienced facilitators who need help.

Modules include:

• Building a Teamconftable859
• Getting Organized
• Managing Performance
• Managing Meetings
• Communicating
• Giving Feedback
• Resolving Conflict
• Solving Problems
• Eliminating Waste
• Daily Control


Mark Kelly’s Team Training Modules are the perfect tool to get people started on the path to teamwork. While they won’t give teams the answers to every problem, they will provide the tools to help teams find their own solutions to a variety of issues.
Rob Hobson, Team Process Champion, MallinckrodtI have trained a lot of teams in a Greenfield plant as well as an existing facility. In both cases, RCG’s Team Training Modules have provided a solid foundation for the team sto get off to a good start. And I enjoyed doing it.
Kennedy, Department Manager, Sara Lee Hosiery

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