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Making Conflict Work: Harnessing the Power of Disagreement

Don’t just manage conflict. Don’t just resolve it. Put it to work. Make it add value to your organization. Conflicts – especially up and down the hierarchy of power – can impair information flow, problem solving, innovation, adaptation, health and morale. Or, they can work for you. Skillfully handled conflict energizes problem solving, inspires innovation and leads to bottom-line effectiveness. This book gives you the strategies you need for making conflict actually benefit your organization and your career.

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The Leader’s Guide to Coaching

Here you’ll find the essential information you need for coaching your own people. If you are an executive, manager, or team leader, this book will help you establish good coaching relationships and conduct effective coaching sessions.

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Dialogues with the Executive Coach

In this unique book, you’ll read conversations between leaders and their executive coaches. Discover what leaders and their coaches discuss and how coaching helps good leaders be great. Recommended for executives, managers, and leaders who are being coached or who want to coach their own people more effectively.

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Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

This is a handbook for coaching and leadership development. Emotional intelligence is becoming increasingly popular as a vehicle for coaching people and developing leaders. This book covers 21 competencies within the four dimensions of emotional intelligence: 1. Self-Awareness 2. Self-Management 3. People Radar 4. People Skills.

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Managing Change with Personal Resilience

This book covers the key principles and competencies needed for managing change. It is based on three decades of research by Conner Partners (formerly ODR.) Daryl Conner is considered the world’s leading expert on managing change. Mark wrote this book with Linda Hoopes, who is the head of research and Senior VP of Conner Partners.

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Mastering Team Leadership

This book covers our 7 essential coaching skills for today’s team leader and is great for both new and experienced coaches, especially those who work with teams and team leaders.

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The Adventures of a Self-Managing Team

Written before teams were a fad, this novelette provides a easy-to-read introduction for work team members to learn about what lies ahead. The story moves quickly, following a new team member from his application through his first two years. It covers the issues that all teams will face when moving to a team environment. Recommended for all employees.

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