For Managers, Supervisors, and Team Leaders

1. Enhancing Your Communication as a Leader

You often see leaders confused that others didn’t understand their expectations and you others who are surprised at the expectation of their leader. “I didn’t know that’s what she wanted!” This often results in customer dissatisfaction, waste or missed deadlines. This workshop gives you techniques for resolving or at least minimizing these problems.

Raleigh Consulting Group – Rob Ferguson
This 2-day, highly interactive, fast-paced workshop uses exercises, small group discussion, and peer feedback to explore communication in a variety of formats and environments. You will develop and practice:

  • Using core communication skills
  • Communicating in teams
  • Picking communication channels
  • Handling sensitive situations
  • Adapting to cultural differences
  • Communicating in meetings
  • Making presentations
  • Giving and receiving feedback

2. Becoming a Facilitative Leader

Over and over you see leaders who just can’t facilitate meetings…either with their staff, peers or even customers. Meetings get dull, people aren’t involved, ideas are lost.

We have been addressing this issue for our clients for many years. We don’t guarantee that you’ll become the world’s best facilitator, but at least you can learn some techniques that will make meetings more interesting and productive.

This 2-day, highly interactive, fast-paced workshop uses exercises, small group discussion, and peer feedback to explore and practice people skills when facilitating groups and teams. You will develop and practice:

  • Observing group process
  • Facilitation fundamentals
  • Managing meetings
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Nurturing Dialogue
  • Using faciliations tools and aids
  • Giving and receiving feedback

3. The Leader’s Guide to Coaching

You have seen great leaders who are great coaches. Probably you have seen more of the opposite. If leaders were better coaches, we’d all see great gains in motivation, creativity and production.

More and more companies are recognizing the power of coaching for developing their best talent. This 2-day interactive workshop will explore the practice of coaching. This workshop will use self-assessments, dialogue, and practice sessions to help you get started in coaching and build your skills in coaching others. You will develop and practice:

  • The fundamentals of coaching
  • The emotional intelligence of coaching
  • Creating a coaching relationship
  • The coaching process

RCG’s workshop, “The Leader’s Guide to Coaching”, was a good jump-start for our people managers to get serious about coaching their employees and developing them as knowledge leaders in their respective areas. We are moving out of our startup phase and into our growth and diversification phase. Having strong team leaders and managers is a key to making this leap successfully. The workshop helped our leaders understand the importance of development and how to go about getting started in coaching their people.
Suzin Barnes, Director of Human Resources, Newgistics, Inc.

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