• Do you want to build on your strengths?
  • Do you question if someone is the right fit for a position?
  • Are you looking for ways to improve teamwork?

Our assessments help you make better decisions. In 40 years of working with people, we’ve learned about the importance of using good instruments that have a return on your investment.

People are now finding that much of what industrial psychologists do when they assess employees and managers, computers can do. Our firm has learned that it is to our advantage to make these technologies available to our customers.

This service frees us up to add value through improving human resource systems, coaching, facilitating and training through benchmarking and other hiring strategies.

We’ve searched and found products that work for our clients. These products include turnkey Internet and computer programs. We sell software and instruments that our clients can use independently of us.

DISC Behavioral Profiles ® (standing for dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness) help your organization build productive teams, develop effective managers, train a powerful sales force, reduce interpersonal conflict and improve customer service. For nearly 30 years, DISC’s unique approach to learning, called DISC Dimensions of Behavior, has unlocked the door to productive communication and relationships for over 40 million people.
Commonly used to: strengthen teams, on-boarding new employees, self-discovery, motivate, company retreats

takingnotes29212 Driving Forces® (Motivators) unlocks the “why” behind an individual’s actions, showcasing what drives their behavior.
Rooted in Eduard Spranger’s esteemed 1928 research, 12 Driving Forces reveals how each individual is uniquely motivated in both life and work.
Commonly used to: Improve employee engagement, determine job and culture fit, increase inter-personal awareness.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI ®) helps individuals, partnerships and teams understand individual differences and personality types. When interpreted by a skilled professional, the information helps people collaborate and assists leaders in leveraging talent. Knowing how different personalities tend to communicate and interact is useful information that helps build teams, solve problems and make group decisions effectively. Over two million MBTI assessments are given annually.
Commonly used to foster better communication, increase personal and interpersonal awareness, lead better.

TriMetrix System ® benchmarks the specific needs of your job, assess the personal talents of your candidates, then matches the best talent to the needs of your specific job. The process can be applied and reapplied to any job, anytime in a constantly changing business environment.
Commonly used to: recruit effectively, eliminate bad hires, match behavior and drivers to a job, identify top talent

For More information view this Job Benchmarking Flyer

Vital Learning ® offers the Supervision Series which equips supervisors and managers at all levels with the fundamental skills required to enable individual and team performance. Previous generations of the Supervision Series have been used globally by thousands of organizations in all industry segments. The 12 modules in their totally revised series include The Essentials ( Essential Skills of Leadership and Essential Skills of Communicating ) and 10 Interpersonal modules (including modules on Delegating, Supporting Change, Communicating Up, Resolving Conflicts, and six others). The Supervision Series modules are available in a workshop format as well as online and in blended versions.
Commonly used to:

Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory ® has assisted thousands of organizations to attract and retain motivated and talented individuals. It has also helped hundreds of thousands of people find the best work niche to express their passion and fulfill their potential. Based on extensive empirical research, this is the most often used and respected career-planning instrument in the world today.
Commonly used to:

20/20 Insight GOLD 360 Feedback ® is the state-of-the-art software that simplifies the process of collecting multi-source (360) feedback for anyone in your organization. Use 360 Feedback to hone in on the real performance gaps individuals have. Group feedback results and then you can begin to focus your investment.
Commonly used to:

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